What we do

Kingpin IT use 20 years of experience in the IT Industry to deliver bespoke IT services to our customers on a short term or ongoing basis. Our knowledge from working in many different industries, on a wide range of projects mean that we are perfectly suited in fulfilling your companies IT requirements.

Technical Advice
We will listen to what you want to achieve with IT and where it is holding your business back. We will then advise you on suitable technologies and the steps required to deliver those solutions.
Technical Assistance
We provide the right technical assistance for your organisation and project, whether onsite or remote consultancy, project management, working with your existing suppliers.
Issue Resolution
We can assist your staff by acting as your IT support and training team to help resolve any technical issues, and work towards an environment where staff can find their own answers


How can you help with website security
We can perform an initial assessment which could involve vulnerability scanning your site and advising on the findings, reviewing the hosting platform you are using to make sure it is working well for you and that you are protected from DDOS attacks. We can also check the list of users who have administrator access and make any changes you want.
Can you help with the day to day running of IT in our company?
Yes, we can act as your IT manager if you require to work with your suppliers to help resolve problems or deliver projects. We can also act as your 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd line IT support team helping fix your user's issues when you don't have time to. Typically this would be for a fixed period whilst other projects are going on, but we can also help in the longer term by engaging with the right support contract for your needs.
I want to start using Office 365, can you help?
Yes, we have worked on migrating complicated environments to Microsoft 365, and can do this for you. As this is something you will only do once it can be hard to build the right skills in-house to be able to perform the work. We can help you in the planning stage, and be involved in the migration with your resources assisting as far as you would like them to.
Can I use Microsoft Teams for online meetings and chat with customers?
Microsoft Teams works best if you migrate email to Microsoft 365 as well, but you can set it up without changing your email system. We can help set it up, roll it out and train your staff how to use it!
What sorts of website can you help with?
We have supported sites hosted on Windows servers using IIS and core, but most recently we focus on WordPress as this is the most commonly used platform for the majority of small and medium businesses.
I placed John in his role at ******* in 2016 and since then have assisted him in the growth of his team, which in the last 3 years has been significant. At the point John joined, there was a team of 5/6 individuals with no specific teams. Since that point, John has built a a structured department of capable technology specific teams that have been a key factor in the rapid growth and success of ******* as a business. The feedback I've had from people I have placed within his team is that he is a supportive, caring and knowledgeable leader.
Jamie MacMillan
Associate Director
I have the pleasure of working with John on numerous projects and day to day operations. He is the go to expert on Infrastructure mgmt, working on complex compliance environments, and 365 migrations. In addition he is always friendly and professional even under pressure.
Daniel Hughes
Business Process Manager
I have worked with John for a number of years as a key supplier and it has always been a pleasure to do so. John's level of knowledge and experience across all aspects of IT makes my role as account manager far easier and enables us to work strategically to offer solutions with a tangible benefit and ROI to the business. Looking forward to many more years working together!
Joshua Nutting
Business Development Manager
John is one of the most knowledgeable IT professionals I have ever worked with. I had the pleasure of working with John for a number of years and throughout that time he was always willing to go above and beyond to help not just his own team but also other teams within the business whenever required. He is highly skilled in a wide range of technologies and has the rare ability of bridging the gap between highly technical teams and C-level decision makers. I would highly recommend John to any business looking for a self motivated, determined technology professional.
Lindell Harry
UKI Presales Manager
John is an outstanding Head of IT, hugely supportive of business operations. He has a high level of knowledge across many aspects of the IT function and his problem solving skills are second to none. I would recommend him highly to any business.
Matthew Baxter
Chief Operating Officer
John has been a fantastic head of IT. he's easy to approach and seemingly knowledge on every topic he encounters. When interacting with the development team he was able to assist and provide effective guidance with a wide range of subjects from IIS configuration to site security.
Anonymous Colleague
Development Manager
John is a highly capable technical manager with an impressive capacity for rationalising complex business requirements and successfully delivering IT solutions that meet them. He is professional, knowledgeable, approachable and a pleasure to work with.
Daniel Sugden
Director of Information Systems
John's one of the most approachable people I've ever worked with and was a go-to guy for highly technical issues at East Sussex County Council. He was always hardworking and a really nice guy. I'll always appreciate the opportunity to work with him.
Mo Ullah
Systems Engineer
John is one of the best technical people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His understanding of the Microsoft server set is unparalleled and only rivalled by his ability to convert a complex business vision into a reality with the minimum of fuss and problems.
I would have no problem recommending John to anyone.
Vince Dooher
Enterprise Architect