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IT assistance to help your small business get noticed

We can help you bulk up your company’s online presence, quickly and cheaply, to help you stand out amongst the waves and be respected as the enterprise you know you are.

You may be a small business, but you deliver like an enterprise

You may be a small company, yet want your brand’s image to be as professional and established as possible, but you don’t have a dedicated in-house IT team to help.

That’s where we can help…

There are currently large numbers of small businesses setting up shop with government figures showing that more than 95% of all businesses in the UK have between 1 and 9 staff. It is obvious that this sector is critical to the economy but that it can be hard to stand out in such a crowded arena, so it is no surprise that 79% of these companies said their main challenge was attracting customers. (Source

We offer IT solutions so that when customers interact with you through your website, email, or online meetings, they know they are talking to a solid, established trustworthy company which is highly capable of delivering their needs. A business “gmail” address, “” Teams account, or website that takes 10 seconds to load, are all things which potentially harm the image you present. Customers can feel they are dealing with a company who is not as professional as they would like.

We can help solve these issues with a tailored approach where we talk to you about your business, goals, and technical requirements, so that we can advise on next steps, potential solutions to your issues, with the goal of “bulking up” your business presence to look as professional as possible.

Get Secure

  • Help reduce spam and phishing emails
  • Secure website contact forms
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Deploy AntiVirus Solutions
  • Improve Office 365 security
  • Deliver GDPR compliance for websites
  • Cookie controls, policies and privacy statements
  • Minimise impact on websites from DDOS attacks

Get Trusted

  • Administration of your website
  • Buy web domains
  • Integrating domains with Microsoft 365 for Email and Teams
  • Building SharePoint portals to collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Assist with new business phone systems
  • Help build a web presence
  • Assist with Google site indexing and SEO
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Get Equipped

  • Interim IT Manager/ Consultant/ Support assistance
  • Assistance delivering new technologies faster
  • Set up Microsoft 365 and train your staff
  • Email administration and support
  • SharePoint and Microsoft Teams setup and delivery
  • Build and deploy helpdesk and ticketing systems for staff and customer support
  • Setup Google analytics

Get Fast

  • Help you deliver new technologies faster
  • Improve web site performance through methods such as caching, compression and minify configuration
  • Migrating websites to new optimised hosting platforms
  • Use contact forms more effectively
  • Deliver sites through SSL Certificates without ongoing maintenance and renewal costs

Get Going!

  • Train your staff on new and existing systems to ramp up adoption speed and improve efficiency
  • Talk to your existing suppliers to resolve existing issues
  • Identify new suppliers which can deliver the best solutions for you
  • Project manage new system implementations

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